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Aymen El Amri

Cloud&DevOps, Entrepreneur, TechAuthor, Founder/CEO www.eralabs.io & www.faun.dev , About me : www.aymenelamri.com

Annie Nma

Digital Content Specialist @DevOpsLinks

Latest Posts

Cloud Native Best Business Practices (Part 3) — Open Source

To quote Michael Dell, “the cloud isn’t a place, it’s a way of doing IT.” As IT becomes more and more central to what every company does…

Infrastructure As Code: A DevOps Way To Manage IT Infrastructure

What is Infrastructre As a Code (IaC)? What is meant by Infrastructure As a Code in DevOps? A comprehensive guide of Infrastructure As a…

Faun Community: This is our Slack New Structure

Our Slack team chat is a place where Faun community members share their stories, ask for help and meet like-minded people.

Manually connect to your Kubernetes Cluster from the outside

This article shows how to create a ServiceAccount and connect using it to your cluster. Depending on the permissions you give to that…

How to provide secrets to a container at build time.

A guide for using environment variables to provide secrets to a Docker container in a GitLab runner to deploy to Kubernetes.

The Beginner’s Guide to Git

What is the particular use of Git, SourceTree and Bitbucket?

Kubernetes : Prerequisites for Setup Kubenetes Cluster| Part 2

Hardware & Software Requirements for setting up a Highly Available Cluster

Hybrid Cloud Migration 101: The Importance of Creating a Single Enterprise Pipeline

Like many in the DevOps industry, I’ve seen a steady increase in enterprises moving their applications to cloud-based infrastructure in an…

Azure Low Priority VMs for Cost Savings

Among the many ways to purchase and consume Azure resources are Azure low priority VMs. These virtual machines are compute instances…

Cloud Logging Checklist

Effective logging is an essential foundation for any cloud application or service. However, just doing print statements and dumping the…


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