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Chris Stokel-Walker

UK-based freelancer for The Guardian, The Economist, BuzzFeed News, the BBC and more. Tell me your story, or get me to write for you: stokel@gmail.com

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Twitch Wants to be a Home for Traditional Sport as Well as Esports

32,000 people saw Team USA play a rubber basketball game in Australia at 7:30am Eastern this week. ICYMI: sports is a thing.

YouTube Has a Copyright Strike Problem — and It’ll Sue to Fix It

The company has decided to sue someone who had allegedly weaponized its copyright system for extortion

Gun Violence and Global Warming: Teens Are Using TikTok to Fight Back

When no one will listen to your impassioned pleas, the next best thing is to make a funny video containing your concerns go viral

Fake Boyfriends, Stalking, and Abuse: Being a Woman on Twitch

A recent controversy around Alinity has fueled the idea women streamers receive preferential treatment

The U.K. Government is Turning Boris Johnson into an Influencer

10 Downing Street has realized people don’t watch the news anymore — but will the Tories’ foray onto Facebook Live work?

Creators Are Forcing YouTube’s LGBTQ Problem Out into the Open

A new lawsuit laid by eight prominent creators is laying YouTube’s issues around the LGBTQ community bare

Twitch Streamers Are Burning Out from Acting as Shrinks to Their Fans

Streamers focusing on mental health often find themselves in unenviable positions

The UK Just Made a Massive Move to Regulate Sites Like YouTube

The UK government plans to put Ofcom, which oversees traditional TV broadcasts, in charge of keeping sites like YouTube, Twitch and TikTok…

Twitch’s Hottest New Thing is Vlogging

The video game streaming site is seeing a rise in people streaming anything but games

TikTok Users Are Convinced the Platform’s Algorithm Hates Them

TikTok is doing everything faster — including fostering an agitated creator base blaming their woes on the whims of the algorithm


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