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Journalist & US social media editor @FT. Before: Reporter/social at Pew’s Stateline. Anti-sidewalk-biking hardliner. Married to @emmacarew. Insta/Snap: jgrovum

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Journaliste et consultante franco-américaine. Ancienne dir adj de France 24. Franco-American journo and consultant, fmr Editorial Director of France 24.

Mi Li

Marketing Manager at Financial Times @FT. Formerly at @TheFiscalTimes and @bizjournals. World Traveler, Yogi and Media Futurist

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assistant editor @Medium, tweets @sophiuhcamille

Jessica Minsun Kim

Producer @Medium

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Algorithms and big data are entering the often shrouded world of alternative dispute resolution

Corporate America Cannot Be Co-Opted Into Every Social Cause

Even as boards are more conscious, there are many occasions when executives tune out


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