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M.G. Siegler

General Partner @ GV (née Google Ventures). In past lives I wrote at TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and ParisLemon. A man of few words. Except when writing. 🍻

Latest Posts

Both Sides

The tech press v. the tech insiders

What a Great Reading Experience!

Make the shitty ads and pop-ups and overlays stop

Apple, Just Bundle News+ Already

No one is buying it. And even if they were, it wouldn’t matter…

The Window Has Shut

Timing markets, fundraising, going public…

Newsletters as Newspapers

A funny thing happened in our current Newsletter Renaissance: inundation. Much like the television streaming era which is now in…

Hard 8

Rest In Peace, Kobe Bryant…

“One Step Ahead” Companies

An extremely simple and comically nebulous framework

The Retcon of the Jedi

On second thought after watching ‘The Rise of Skywalker’…

AT&T Monkeys with HBO’s Swing

It’s so obvious what AT&T should have done with HBO. Instead, they did the opposite.

A Surprising Morning Jolt

‘The Morning Show’ got good?


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