Flashbulb Reality

A series of five essays about the ways in which we respond to media, specifically focusing on video games and memes.

Megan Hoins

Professional writer, lamentable gamer, avid bibliophile, and Internet culture enthusiast.

Latest Posts

Of Aster*sks and “Acceptable” Censorsh*p

The Tumultuous Landscape of Profanity in Video Games

John Wick’s Got Nothing On Me

Fortnite and the Battle Between Kids and Cringe

The Voices of GamerGate, Five Years Later

A Series of Six Interviews in GamerGate’s Continued Aftermath

To Kill a Meme

How “Meme Review” Accelerates Inevitable Meme Death

Game Nostalgia, Identity, and Other Blurred Objects

Generations are warping, and it may just be nostalgia’s fault.

Flashbulb Reality

How We Respond to the Latest Generation of Media — An Introduction


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