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Simon Lightfoot

Flutter Software Developer. Co-founder Flutter Study Group on Slack. Writing code for 18+ years, now at DevAngels, London.


Programmer • Student • Flutter Developer • Mainly focuses on UI and Front-End

Scott Stoll

Freelance Flutter Developer | Speaker | Workshop Presenter. Organizer of GDG Cleveland. Twitter: @scottstoll2017 https://learnflutter.io

Latest Posts

Wishlist for Flutter in 2019

Flutter is awesome. Here are some things that I believe will make it even more awesome.

Creating Solitaire in Flutter

Making a Solitaire clone in Flutter (without a game engine)

Creating Minesweeper in Flutter

Making a Minesweeper clone in Flutter (without a game engine)

If you want to make your product popular, the strategy of mouth publicity is unavoidable part of…

I shall be explaining you an adventurous recipe of making sandwiches(dynamicUrl) and also serving fries and juice(additional tracking…

A deep dive into Flutter’s accessibility widgets

Many mobile users have visual, physical or age-related limitations and these limitations prevent them from seeing or using a touch screen…

Flutter + Source Generation

The birth of a Magical Widget [Part 2]

Flutter + Source Generation

The birth of a Magical Widget

UI Challenge: Piano Tiles in Flutter

How to create a simple clone of awesome game in Flutter.

Creating a Flutter Plugin | Dialog Box

What is Flutter plugin?

kt.dart — Better collections for your Flutter business logic

Flutter is great but using Dart feels like a step backwards when coming from Kotlin. That why I ported Kotlins collections to Dart!


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