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Simon Lightfoot

Flutter Software Developer. Co-founder Flutter Study Group on Slack. Writing code for 18+ years, now at DevAngels, London.


Programmer • Student • Flutter Developer • Mainly focuses on UI and Front-End

Scott Stoll

Freelance Flutter Developer | Speaker | Workshop Presenter. Organizer of GDG Cleveland. Twitter: @scottstoll2017 https://learnflutter.io

Jay (Jeroen)

Admin & Head of GitHub @ Flutter Community

Latest Posts

Flutter: Displaying a toast notification (SnackBar) in Redux flow

The articles demonstrates how you can display a toast notification (SnackBar) in your Flutter + Redux solution.

Flutter: Implementing Google Sign In

In this article, I will be showing how to set up and implement Google Sign In using Firebase Authentication.

Create a Draggable Widget in Flutter

In this tutorial we create a canvas with draggable nodes using the Stack and Positioned widgets.

Flutter Beginners Guide to using the Bottom Sheet

The BottomSheet has become very popular for quick interactions that do not require a full screen. Here’s a beginners guide on how to use…

Widget tricks — Reorder widgets on a stack

In this snippet I want to show you how to re-order widgets in a stack using some basic dart code.

What’s New in flutter_bloc 0.19.0

A quick walkthrough on what’s new in flutter_bloc v0.19.0

Flutter: Understanding Counter App

In this article, I will show you how the pre-built demo Flutter app, i.e., the “Counter App” works.

Flutter Slide Options for User Profile

In this tutorial we will build a user profile banner that you can slide for more user options.

Effective Logging in Flutter and How to Use it

In this tutorial we will cover how to effectively log in your application to help debug and improve your long term maintenance.


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