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Simon Lightfoot

Flutter Software Developer. Co-founder Flutter Study Group on Slack. Writing code for 18+ years, now at DevAngels, London.


Programmer • Student • Flutter Developer • Mainly focuses on UI and Front-End

Scott Stoll

Freelance Flutter Developer | Speaker | Workshop Presenter. Organizer of GDG Cleveland. Twitter: @scottstoll2017 https://learnflutter.io

Latest Posts

Flutter StateManagement with Provider

Alongside the flutter web, they also announced a new plugin for StateManagement Here how to use it in your application

Shared Preferences Service in Flutter for Code Maintainability

Wrap your shared_preferences package in a service for easier to read code and better code maintainability.

A Guide for Custom Startup Logic in Flutter

Almost every app needs custom startup logic. If yours does, this guide will give you a good way of handling that in Flutter.

The Only Complete and Latest Flutter Dive: A Complete Bliss.

Stop whatever you are doing right now for 10 minutes and just take a deep breath and enjoy this article with me.

Flutter for Desktop: Create and Run a Desktop Application

Flutter is going beyond mobile. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can run a Flutter App on Desktop.

Flutter: Firebase Login Using Provider: package

Some Days ago I published an article on how to use Provider Package With Simple Counter Example. You Can Read That Pragmatic State…

A Guide to Using ScreenSize In Flutter — A More Readable Approach

Getting the screen size from the BuildContext is a common task amongst Flutter developers. Using reducers can make that code more readable.

What’s Inside material.dart #1 — Flutter

In this article we discuss regarding about.dart and animated_icons.dart lets learn it together

Beginners Guide To Text Styling in Flutter

This Guide should serve as a little cheat sheet to styling your Text in Flutter.


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