Food is the New Internet

Conversations dedicated to sharing the billion dollar opportunities in food as we move to a #realfood world.

Kimbal Musk

My mission is real food for everyone. Co-founder of The Kitchen #realfood restaurants, Big Green teaching kids about food & Square Roots mentoring young farmers

Latest Posts

Next Door announces Total Transparency in Supply Chain with Good Food 100 Initiative

@NextDoorEatery expansion in the Heartland will work with American Farmers to ensure our customers know where their food comes from

Why I’m expanding The Kitchen restaurants in America’s Heartland

How The Kitchen joins communities in the Heartland to work with American Farmers to scale affordable #RealFood.

Why I’m empowering 1,000’s of millennials to become #realfood entrepreneurs through Vertical…

Announcing Square Roots. An urban farming accelerator that will empower 1,000’s of millennials to become #realfood entrepreneurs.

Meet the “Life-Changing” New Burger People Are Waiting in Lines For

A little over two weeks ago, David Chang broke new culinary ground when he introduced the Impossible Burger at his Momofuku Nishi…

Get Ready for a Meat Revolution

You might call it the Manhattan Project of food. It’s been the subject of breathless whispers, rumors and speculation throughout Silicon…

The Rise of Small Farm Robots

Or why the miniaturization of farm machinery will help encourage small, diverse farms.

The Next Chef Revolution

First, an uncomfortable truth- the highest aspiration of most modern chefs is to leave the craft of cooking behind. Why?

The Co-operative Future of Food (and Everything)

From Bernie Sanders to Amul Dairy, REI to Mondragon to Kickstarter (sort of), participative models have shown that they have what it takes…

2016 Will Be the Year of the Plant Butcher

The hottest new food trend this year isn’t locavorism, more gluten-free offerings, or the latest and greatest uses for kale, but instead, a…


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