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data is my favourite hobby

Toni Shortsleeve

I love being an editor for the freeCodeCamp Medium! I have learned so much from working with Quincy Larson. And I’ve enjoyed the works of wonderful authors.

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Content Marketing Specialist | Contract Writer & Editor |

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Founder Associate, Revolut

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Teacher and software developer @ freeCodeCamp. - My algorithms course: - My deep learning course:

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Computer Scientist | Front-End Developer | Tech Writer — RunCloud | Volunteer Editor — freeCodeCamp Medium publication | Organizer, GDG Warri


Mrugesh Mohapatra

#developer 🖥. #music addict 🎸. #opensource enthusiast. noob #photographer 📷. ❤️s #traveling. Dev Advocate @freeCodeCamp |

Emily Anne Moses

Software engineer 🚀

Julia Bourbois

lifelong learner

Jennifer Bland

Software Engineer. Google Developers Expert. Keynote Speaker. Entrepreneur. Mountain Climber. Neil Diamond fan. World traveler. &

Benjamin Dunphy

Organizer & Partner at Real World React

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You’ve been learning p5.js and you’ve created a wonderful animation and now you want to share it with the world. How do you go about that?


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