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How to create a “fashion police” with React Native and off-the-shelf AI

Imagine you’ve just stumbled into a Nordstrom at your local mall, lost in the Slenderman-looking mannequins and racks of overpriced coats…

How to improve the build speed of your Android projects

Gradle has always had a bad rep for being slow, but did you know, you could achieve massive improvements with just a few changes?

An introduction to test-driven development with Vue.js

TDD is a process where you write tests before you write the associated code. You first write a test that describes an expected behavior…

An introduction to the JAMstack: the architecture of the modern web

I’m sure you’ve come across the word JAMstack before but you probably didn’t understand what it really meant. I’ve seen this word before…

How to create a searchable log with Gatsby

For all your developer note-taking needs

From a python project to an open source package: an A to Z guide

Written by Gabriel Lerner and Nathan Toubiana

A beginner’s guide to Git — how to start and create your first repository

You are a developer and you want to start with Git and GitHub? This article is made for you.

How to create a Countdown component using React & MomentJS

Recently I had to create a Countdown for one of my other projects and I thought that it could also make a good tutorial, so in this post…

How to generate an HTML table and a PDF with Node & Google Puppeteer

Understanding NodeJS internal can be a little bit daunting (I know it was for me once). Node is a very powerful language & it can do a lot…

These are the best JavaScript chart libraries for 2019

An overview of the latest and greatest JavaScript visualization tools.


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