FreshWorks Studio

FreshWorks Studio is one of the top Canadian app development companies. We design and develop mobile, web, and blockchain applications driven by user experience.

Desmond Brisbin

Sales and Marketing at FreshWorks Studio - Helping Turn Great Ideas into Remarkable Apps

Sienna Blumstengel

Business Analyst at FreshWorks Studio

Samarth Mod

BC Business 30under30 | CEO & Co-Founder of FreshWorks Studio | MBA, University of Victoria | EO Seattle

Roop Jawl

UI/UX Designer, Photographer, Type nerd. Getting my hands dirty in all things startup.

Stephanie Dacre

Vancouver, BC. — Business Analyst & Technical Writer at Freshworks Studio.

Shannon Parker

HR Manager at FreshWorks Studio | BBA, Human Resource Management and Leadership | Mentor at Locelle


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