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Laura Lascău

UX Designer & PhD Student UCL Interaction Centre

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Establishing and Nurturing a Creative Culture in UX

About a decade ago, one of the most popular buzzwords in business literature was “innovative.” American businesses were striving to be…

UX/UI Case Study: “HappyJob” communication tool.

Tool for internal communication centered in solve work problems.

Herramientas de UX de 2018

Una pasada por los softwares que están top en el mundo de diseño

If you take your manager’s advice, you’ll probably become your manager

I still remember when my manager would advise me against leaving my job to start something of my own.

What I learned in (almost) 30 days of Codevember

What is #codevember and why would you do it? For the past couple years I’ve noticed interesting generative art popping up on social media…

The Category Ideation Method

A method to focus your UX Research

10 Most Awesome Hi-fi Prototypes of 2018

A curated list of prototypes embracing advanced interactions made with ProtoPie — 2018 version.

12in12: Kick the Dust

The Side Project Project: November Recap

UX Project: Arts in Singapore

This is an overview of a UX design project that I was working on from August to December 2017. A year since I last touched the project, I…


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