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Laura Lascău

UX Designer & PhD Student UCL Interaction Centre

Sofia Marques

Not your cool kid. 🎹 musician | producer | songwriter @ mema. 🤓 Playing marketing games @Prototypr

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What is it like working as a UX Designer at a small-sized/startup company?

This article is for anyone new to UX, for anyone who has taken a design role at a small-sized/startup company (10–100 employees), or for…

Avoiding Bias in User Interviews

Occasionally, when I run a user interview, someone will join me from a cross functional team and interject with a question that makes me…

From Sketch To Figma

Tips and tricks on transferring a design kit from Sketch to Figma.

12in12: Reports from the Field

The Side Project Project: July Recap

Google Design Exercise

A Definitive Guide to Nailing the Google Design Exercise

Untapped Potential: How To Engage Baby Boomers in The Digital Age

A Human-Centered Innovation process: Seniors and their settings

Figma Tips & Tricks — Superpower your workflow ⚡️

3… 2… 1! Here’s a complete list of latest and most handy Figma shortcuts and techniques that will save you time and make your workflow in…

Small Team vs Large Staff

Team can work better when everyone understands the benefits they bring to a project.

Beginner’s Mind: 5 surprising lessons from my first week of UX bootcamp

Three weeks ago, I didn’t even know what UX was. Today, I’m convinced it can change the world.

Cómo añadir una funcionalidad y no fallar en el proceso

Caso de estudio añadir una funcionalidad a Splitwise


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