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Sofia Marques

some kind of digital nerd 🤓 | artist @ mema. | marketing & partnerships 💎

Sophie Clifton-Tucker

I came, I read, I edited — — — Founder @ Little English language school | Editor-in-Chief @ | Editor @ The Gibraltar Magazine & Gibraltar Business

Carlos Yllobre

Product Design Lead, systems thinker, illustrator, ukulele player, surfer, photographer, avid reader and occasional writer. 🇨🇺🇪🇸🇪🇺

Latest Posts

New Mobile Blockchain UI/UX for Technological Literary Revival

Featuring a Crypto-Art Marketplace app for poets on the Tezos blockchain.

Prototyping a HIIT timer in Origami Studio

…Gym kit optional 🏃🏼‍♀️

12 Steps to Effective Problem Solving

Perspective change for problem-solving

Let’s take UX Research more seriously

A case in expanding value.

New Mobile UI/UX for Assistive Music Technology

Featuring an iOS guitar tuner app for visually impaired musicians.

User-centred vs human-centred design

An important distinction for methodology planning

Prototyping 101: minimum viable effort

TL;DR — for a prototype designer it’s a valuable trait to not polish work beyond the threshold of “good enough”. Prototyping is a series…

5 Tools for Creating Engaging Animations/Videos

Time-saving resources to help you create and develop animated GIFS, slideshows, videos and other motion pieces

Apply 20 Essential rules of Graphics Design to UI Design

Practice until they become your muscle memory.

How Usability Testing Improves Microcopy

Whenever I approach any UX writing project for a new digital product, I always research the subject, listen and read anything and…


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