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Laura Lascău

UX Designer & PhD Student UCL Interaction Centre

Sofia Marques

Musician 🎸 | Digital Marketing Fox 🦊 | Founder @ 🤔

Latest Posts

5 Free Design Resources — Icons

A curated list of free design resources for UI project

Design Better: The Five-Second Rule

Product design is about understanding the users’ needs, their pain points, and their motivations behind using something …

How to Create a Content Style Guide

The content style guide: what it is, how to create one, and what should go in it.

Things I wish I knew after General Assembly (UX)

I’ve officially have been designing full-time for a year now. Since then I look at design a little bit different now. I felt I wish I knew…

“Maybe I should do something else?”

Last summer, I wanted to quit design and become an industrial painter.

UISDC Interview: Becoming a better Icon Designer with Justas Galaburda!

Friends who often watch Dribbble must be very familiar with Justas Galaburda, his icons and illustration are very popular on Dribbble and…

LifeO’Meter playground app.

Design + Components + Real data + Data Binding + Actions in 35 minutes. Behind the scenes. Made with persP Beta.

Material UI React Kit. Inputs design in the details.

A kit of ReactJS components which you only have to deploy and enjoy

Case study: Redesign of the business rules

Case study about how we identified the problem of a very specific feature and how we redesigned it with our customers in mind.

The ultimate guide for selection controls in UX design

Selection controls allow users to select options among a list or switch setting on or off.


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