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Laura Lascău

UX Designer & PhD Student UCL Interaction Centre

Sofia Marques

some kind of digital nerd 🤓 | artist @ mema. | marketing & partnerships 💎

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Fitts’ Law: a usability hack for UX Designers

Get a closer look at the mathematical model of human movement that predicts how long it will take a user to point or tap at a target based…

How challenging was/is to start a new UX Design career

I remember since my childhood that I was already very proactive about my career. At that time I truly believed that Audiovisual was my…

It’s Obvious — Conversational UX as a trend

Series — Story 1 — Why Conversation UX is a trend now?

No code, or know code? How code can help you think.

In the last year, we saw a rise in “No Code” tools and platforms, followed by the first “No Code” conference hosted by Webflow — all…

30 illustrations challenge in Figma

Figma is a web-based design tool with real-time collaboration. But is Figma only used for UI design? or Prototype? what if we use it for…

My Design Philosophy Statement

The meaning of designing technologies has emerged from creating a practical machine to humanizing these machines to creating user…

4 Web Design Trends in 2020

Looking for inspiration? Here’s how web design is evolving

5 Ways to Make Your CLI App More Fun

Tips and tricks to engage your users through code

How I got to the airport with two small children on my own in Luxembourg — a UX case study

One would think that calling a cab to get oneself to the airport is a rather trivial task, however, the Luxembourgish cab companies would…

Design Thinking regeneratively

Session with the student on the post-graduate programme of the Indian School of Development Management (Nov. 2019)


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