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Sofia Marques

some kind of digital nerd 🤓 | artist @ mema. | marketing & partnerships 💎

Sophie Clifton-Tucker

I came, I read, I edited. — — — — — — — — — — — — — Owner of Little English language school | Marketing/PR at | Editor of The Gibraltar Magazine.

Latest Posts

Patterns: The Stories of our Design Systems

Design Patterns are some of the most over-used concepts in design today. And we all know what happens when you have some ideas all over…

I’ve made $18,20 after working on a passive income side project for 4 weeks

Here’s what happened, what I’ve learned so far, and where I’m heading next.

Where are we now with cards vs lists?

How the evolution of card design affected my redesign

UX Design 101: Uncovering your clients unspoken needs — 360° landscape analysis

Session 09 — How to establish an understanding of a business, its customers, and the world around our work.

Voice UX: Designing my first Alexa Skill

I recently completed the Conversational Design course with UX Academy, and wanted to share my experience designing and building for Voice…

Things I Wish I’d Known About CSS

Understanding how and why CSS works is critical to writing better code.

Skeuomorphism was never gone. Here’s why.

Looking back on design languages, what Apple’s WWDC 2020 Keynote means for the future of design languages, and how we move on from here.

The UX mindset

Why ‘how you think’ matters


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