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4 Steps to Visual Regression Testing

Do you review pull requests with HTML and CSS code?

Porting Practice to Web: react-native-web in Production at DataCamp

This article is part of a short series in which DataCamp’s Practice & Mobile Team describe the process of porting a mobile application to…

how to fill your website with lovely VALENTINES HEARTS

Trinkets, roses and sweets, you can smell the love spreading in the air. It is again close to one of the most romantic holidays of the…

how to add some BUBBLES to your website

Cold winter is about to end and it is time for some warm weather to sooth in. Finally a time when you can enjoy some beach and sunshine…

A Quick Introduction to Hooks in ReactJS

Hooks was introduced in React Conf in September 2018. It has attracted a lot of attention, and I was waiting for stable release. Finally…

How to create your first iOS Flutter app on MacOS

Flutter 1.0 was released by Google on December 4, 2018 and it is a powerful tool allowing you to create beautiful apps on both iOS and…

Text Wrapping & Inline Pseudo Elements

A really common pattern on the web is adding an icon or indicator using a pseudo element so it appears before or after an element, such as…

Painless MERN Stack Project Setup!

A quick guide on how to create your own MERN stack project structure in less time and painless.

how to add some FIREWORKS to your website

It is close to the Chinese New Year which is a time you will see lots of fireworks. Here I will show you a nice little trick that adds…

A practical beginner’s guide to RegEx (Regular Expressions)

Want to skip the jargon and giant list of foundational concepts? This is just enough to get you through whatever RegEx brought you here.


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