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Chris Gathercole

I'm Innovation Architect at the Financial Times Ltd, but the tweets are all my own. recent stories: http://stories.upthebuzzard.com/predicting-the-present/

Maggie Allen

Developer at Financial Times


I make stuff on the internet.

Ben Fletcher

Ey up! #Yorkshireman. #Sheffield & #London. Principal Engineer @FinancialTimes. Stood #GE2017 in #Putney with @TheGreenParty. Formerly @IBM Master Inventor.

Katie Koschland

Engineer at The Financial Times

Jennifer Johnson

Developer at the Financial Times

Simon Coxon

Product Design & User Experience professional

Caroline Handley

Principal Engineer at The Financial Times

Luke Tudor Griffiths

Lead Designer @ Financial Times. Also: Accent Magazine and LoveFit Festival

Toby Bridgham

Head of End User Services at the Financial Times.

Christopher Dunham

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer @ FT


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