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Angus Hervey

From Melbourne and Cape Town, with love. Political economist and journalist, and co-founder of futurecrun.ch

Latest Posts

The Information Diet

Feeling overwhelmed? It might be time to change the way you eat the internet.

The Decline of Terrorism

How not to let a positive trend get in the way of a good story

Don’t Let Artificial Intelligence Get Under Your Skin

Our fears about the future often blind us to what technology is capable of doing in the present

Homo Electric, Part 3: We’re Going To Need A Better Bike

Batteries, electric vehicles, hydrogen and a modern energy grids

99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2018

The world didn’t fall apart this year. You were just getting your news from the wrong places.

How to Escape the Fear Virus in a Digital World

We’re in the midst of a global, digital pandemic — but it’s not too late to stop it

Homo Electric, Part 4: The Sum Of Our Choices

Why the clean energy transition is ultimately up to all of us

Homo Electric, Part 2: How To Make Electricity Great Again

The wind, solar and storage revolution

Homo Electric, Part 1: The Trillion Dollar Time Trial

The story of the greatest technological challenge in human history

Move Slowly, and Don’t Break Things

As we make the move from digital to cognitive, the tech industry should be thinking a lot harder about putting safety first


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