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Farooq Adam

Co-founder Fynd


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Sreeraman M G

Co Founder at Fynd | Design

Harsh Shah

Co Founder @ Fynd

Ragini Varma

Product Growth, Fynd

Kritika Singhania

Business Development @ Fynd, an O2O omnichannel retail and AR solutions startup

Nishigandha Shendge

Latest Posts

Goa, the unofficial hangout spot for Fynd’s workcations!

Goa Sep’2022: At beaches, under the monsoon rains & in the company of warm people.

The fresh yet not-so-secret sauce for team building in pyjamas

Mussoorie 2022: Chai-pakora, beautiful hills, and team work at over 6000 ft

If not an activist, at least be an LGBTQ+ ally

India has a long way to go but companies are waking up!

Exploring the bedrock of positive mental health at Fynd

Read about people’s experiences & our efforts to improve the mental health & lives of our members.

7 Great reasons to work at Fynd

Get to know what makes Fynd the perfect place to work and why you should join us!

Productivity Hacks from some of Fynd’s finest

Small bites ~ Big takeaways. Productivity tips from some very productive people at Fynd.

Reinventing office spaces ~ How Fynd became a Hybrid workplace

Fynd Offices are a reflection of how we work, play, and innovate. Welcome to Fynd’s Hybrid workspace.

How Fynd’s flexible hierarchy improves personal leadership & growth

From increased innovation, better work-life balance and a lot more.

Wednesday lunch dates & getting to know my Fynd family

The food and fun-filled story of finding my place in the team and the company.

How became #2 product of the day on Product Hunt was #2 product of the day, #2 product of the week, and #5 product of the month on Product Hunt. Here is how we did it!


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