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Pranav Pandey

Scribbles at, React Native Developer, Campfire Storyteller, 3 AM writer


Challenges . Experiments . Research

Sanket Sahu

Founder & CEO, @BuilderX & @GeekyAnts • Built @NativeBaseIO & @VueNativeIO • (he/him)

Digvijay Wanchoo

Writer. Speaker. Gamer. Bangin’ and clangin’ in the iron paradise and decimating lives with humorless puns.

Latest Posts

Notifications on React Native using Firebase Cloud Messaging with Notifee.

Basic implementation of Firebase messaging and Notifee on React Native

Widget Testing — The Untold Story

An exploration of how the testing trivia can be carried out in Flutter projects during the development phase

React Hooks vs Class Component

With hooks being introduced, how powerful is it compared to Class components?

Many-to-Many relations in AWS Amplify using React

Mutating and querying many-to-many relations in AWS Amplify using React.

React & React Native Virtual Meetup #16

CI/CD, Smooth Animations, Bridging between React & Swift and more!

E-Commero | E-commerce App (v 1.0.0)

A Complete E-commerce solution package!

Spring Micro Service for Authorization

A RESTful Microservice that uses JWT token for authentication and authorization. Read about how it’s implemented in Spring Boot.

iOS 14 — The Developer Guide

What the new additions to the classic iOS brew mean for App Developers.

Express.js, Django & Laravel — The Backend Badasses

A backend developers journey through the Big 3 to figure out what is best and when.

bluetoothadapter: Bluetooth Based Client-Server Apps

Facilitating Bluetooth server sockets for Flutter apps using bluetoothadapter plugin.


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