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Energizing and empowering today’s generations to advocate for a nuclear future.

David Watson

Ecopragmatist, clean energy advocate, humanist.

Latest Posts

HBO’s Chernobyl: Impacts on Climate Efforts and Public Health

HBO’s Chernobyl has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Will its portrayal contribute to public fear of nuclear?

What HBO’s Chernobyl Can Teach Us.

Uncovering the social problems in nuclear advocacy.

Energy to Feed the World — Part II

The second part of our two-part series on low-carbon food production.

7 Awesome Sci-Fi Nuclear Reactors

The nuclear reactors powering some of the coolest tech from the world of science-fiction.

Energy to Feed the World — Part I

Growing low-carbon food means finding a source of abundant, clean energy.

Top 11 Ways Nuclear Energy is sorta like Your Dad

For fathers day — let us consider all the ways that nuclear energy is sorta like your dad.

Carbon Dividend — Can this Basic Income Help Low-Carbon Nuclear and Renewables?

An esteemed group of economists call for the proceeds of a carbon tax to be distributed to the people.

Hidden emissions: beyond low-carbon electricity.

When it comes to carbon emissions, electricity production is just the tip of the iceberg.

World’s Worst Environmental Disasters from Energy Production

I wrote a three-part series on energy accidents to answer the question: “What about Chernobyl?”

Use this Powerful Tool and Avoid Talking Twaddle about Climate.

The naked truth about the CO2 from our electricity.


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