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Everything you love and hate about Beirut

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Gebran Bassil’s Consul Abir Taha Illegally Shuts Down NY Consulate Citing “Terror”

After the Lebanese diaspora gave Abir Taha, the Lebanese consul in New York till Monday to resign, the Gebran Bassil appointee decided to…

After the Beirut Blast: They Must ALL Leave

The ruling political class is busy squirming and making propaganda videos and unleashing their Twitter bots and spinning wild conspiracy…

TAR: Bu Nasser (Prod Hello Psychaleppo) Release Thawra Bombshell

It’s no secret that I am one of Bu Nasser’s biggest fans. To me, his words are always describe exactly how I feel. That started in 2015…

Hezbollah’s Support Vanished with the Beirut Blast’s Smoke

I am writing this, but I also hate that I am writing it. It’s been in the back of my mind for days, but I’ve been pushing it away because…

Zein El Omr Uses Wasta to Terrorize Family with Intelligence Agency

Honestly, I can’t believe I am writing this, but the events that unfolded last night were too bizarre, hilarious and scary to ignore. I…

On Being Forced to Become Accelerationists, and What’s Next

Before the Poli-Sci majors start pounding on their keyboards angrily, trying to explain that this treatment of capitalism isn’t solution…

GhostSec’s #OpLebanon: Over 100 Govt Usernames and Passwords Dumped Online

Last week, the video above was uploaded to the GhostSec YouTube channel.

The Ingenious Way Hezbollah Censors Negative Comments On Social Media

I’m writing this post because I’m tired of reading “what about Narsallah?!” comments under posts that include the rest of the Sulta cabal…

Thawra Lyrics Trends at #1 After Lebanese Army Shamefully Omit from Concert

Once Again, Poorly Thought-out Censorship Backfires on Crumbling Regime

The Sulta is Censoring Websites: Here’s How to Access Them

So, the Lebanese Sulta banning websites is nothing new. The process is actually quite simple and opaque. All you need to do is find a…


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