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Trey Huffine

Founder of gitconnected.com && skilled.dev. Managing Director 1648factory.com => Scale your engineering team on-demand by hiring from our talent network

Dan Ward

Lead Frontend Dev @ wheresweed.com. Author of React Native Cookbook: 2nd Edition from Packt Publishing. Cofounder at levelup.gitconnected.com. Lover of Vue.js.

Jeff Wharton

VP, Marketing @LogRocket

Latest Posts

Automate Continuous Integration (CI) For iOS Apps With GitHub Actions

A step-by-step tutorial on how to automate CI pipeline for iOS apps on GitHub

Soft(ware) Skills That Matter More Than Writing Code

And that will help you in your career and office life in general

Implementing Tony Hoare quick sort in JavaScript and LISP

Tony Hoare back in days in 1978 has authored Communicating Sequential Processes that is nowadays used for multithreading in Clojure and GO…

How To Achieve Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is a must for any web page with a lot of information

My Candidate Used Java for the Coding Interview and Failed Because of It

You Should be Stupid or Stupidly Good to Use Java for Coding Interviews

A Basic Introduction To Stored Procedures

Learn to use stored procedures, one of the most powerful database tools.

SQL Parameters In Stored Procedures

Learn to use parameters in SQL stored procedures, and make your code more versatile and reliable.

Effortless Contributions: Computers, Environment, and Social Causes

“The biggest problem the Eurocentric world is facing right now is…” is a sentence with no valid ending to it. Every contribution has its…

Getting Fast Realtime Leaderboards With Redis

Leaderboards are everywhere, and audiences love seeing their ranks up top. But you know what they love even more, Realtime Leaderboards!

History of Metaverse. A journey back to 1985.

In this article, we dive deep into the history of Metaverse, going back to the beginnings of online role-playing games and the first…


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