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Trey Huffine

Founder of skilled.dev and gitconnected.com - Passionate for helping developers grow their careers. @treyhuffine

Dan Ward

CTO at herbfluence.com. Author of React Native Cookbook: 2nd Edition from Packt Publishing. Cofounder at levelup.gitconnected.com. Lover of Vue.js.

Latest Posts

An Intro to JavaScript Modules

An introduction to JavaScript modules, covering how to use the export and import statement under different scenarios.

Unit Testing in Python — Patching, Mocks and Dependency Injection

Improve your testing skills by learning how to patch dependencies away, how to use different kinds of mocks and what dependency injection…

Elusive Python features that will make you an expert.

Please note, this article uses repl.it to show examples of code in an interactive way. These might take a few seconds to load. Trust me…

What is Codable protocol in Swift?

Encode and Decode your data

What is Comparable Protocol in Swift

Allows you to sort information.

Graphs everywhere —  Finding the minimum swaps required to sort an array

Graphs are one of the most fundamental concepts in Computer Science. And they play the part perfectly in solving a tremendous number of…

How to Build a Virtual Classroom iOS App with Video and Chat

In this tutorial, we’ll build an iOS app where students and teachers can interact in a virtual classroom using Stream Chat, to deliver…

Programming Practices That Make Python More like An Object-Oriented Programming Language

As a programmer who has been using Unity to develop games for a long time, the programming language I use is C#. As you know, C# is a…

Running DBT in Azure Functions with a Snowflake Backend

How to run DBT in Azure Functions in near real-time scenarios


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