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Make HTML 5 Games — Isometric Board Game Tutorial

In this tutorial and matching video tutorial, we will go through the steps to code an isometric board game using the HTML 5 Canvas and…

The 20 Essential Principles of Software Development: LoD, SoC, SOLID, and Beyond.

Core software development principles that every developer must know.

LLM redundancy? It is Time for a Massive Layoff of Layers

Almost half of a model’s layers are useless, can we get rid of them? How and why?

AGI is Not Possible

An opinion piece by a data scientist and humanist.

Daily Business SQL Data Aggregation


Optimizing Database Management: Bulk Data Deletion with Spring Data JPA

Understand different bulk deletion techniques in Spring Data JPA for improved data management, enhanced performance and efficiency.

Data Maps the best ML debugging tool you’ve never heard of.

They can tell you so much about your model and no one uses them!


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