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Trey Huffine

Founder of skilled.dev and gitconnected.com - Passionate for helping developers grow their careers. @treyhuffine

Dan Ward

CTO at herbfluence.com. Author of React Native Cookbook: 2nd Edition from Packt Publishing. Cofounder at levelup.gitconnected.com. Lover of Vue.js.

Connor Montgomery

Full-time Dad, building new things nights & weekends. Prev: long time @pinterest, a summer at Apple & first employee at Lift (now @coachdotme). High five!

Latest Posts

Improve Raspberry Pi 4 disc read speed with 64-bit Raspbian OS with USB mass storage boot

A micro SD card is the default way to add an operating system to the Raspberry Pi. But there is an alternative you need to consider if you…

MVC, MVP and MVVM Comparations

Clean code promotes Modern architectures in iOS

Process and Thread Context Switching, Do You Know the Difference?

An article on process and threads, their differences, and context switching.

Modern PHP

Jumpstart your freelance career with one of the most needed project languages on Upstart.

2 Ways to Execute MVVM iOS

MVVM doesn’t have to bind with RxSwift, but it’s better to.

6 Productivity Tools that all Developers Should Try

Developers build enterprise solutions to address complex business problems and customer-facing apps to make life easier for the end-users…

Type Three Times Faster With Less Strain And Errors

Let me save you hours of your time and keep you sane and happy while you write

Learning Python: Data, Variables, and The Input-Process-Output Template

The most general programming template is the Input-Process-Output (IPO) template. Every program you write is going to involve getting data…

3 Things You Can Do Before You Even Start Coding to Improve the Quality of Your Code

Here’s how you can improve the quality of code that you didn’t even write yet

How to Save Uploaded Files in FastAPI

Step-by-step guide to receive files and save them locally


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