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Trey Huffine

Founder of - Passionate for open source software and teaching people how to code. Learn to code =>

Dan Ward

Editor at Dev at Author of the React Native Cookbook, 2nd Edition, Packt Publishing.

Rob Hibbard

Co-founder of | Blockchain enthusiast | Business & technology professional | World traveler

Latest Posts

Add Vuetify to your Vue.js App

Vuetify is a semantic development framework for Vue.js. Built with Material Design, it aims to provide all the tools necessary to create…

Code-splitting for libraries—bundling for npm with Rollup 1.0

Code-splitting in RollupJS can be a game-changer for library publishing. How to configure Rollup for libraries today, with examples.

What I’ve Learned Using for the Past Three Weeks

If you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you’ve heard of End-to-End testing, Integration testing, and UI testing, but just three weeks ago…

Angular 6 + Travis CI with Headless Chrome

Testing plays a major role in application development and automated testing helps developers to be more productive and helps ship tested…

Using UI-Router with React for better app routing

(This is revision to post I wrote some months ago for an earlier version of UI-Router. The concepts are the same; just updated to reflect…

Always pass one argument to your JavaScript function

JavaScript has no real concept of keyword arguments, and at the same time is remarkably flexible about what you pass in to a function. As…

MobX for Angular and Ionic Apps

This tutorial covers managing state using MobX in an Angular and Ionic 3 (v2+) app

Solving N-Queens/Rooks bit by bit

Everyone’s favorite recursion problem right? Back when I was a teacher I would love assigning this problem to my brighter students because…

Resizing and Optimizing images for web & mobile in 2019

…without using online converters or complex workflows.

Libraries vs. Frameworks: What’s the Difference?

Something I see all the time in the tech world is the interchangeable terminology of libraries vs. frameworks. Even on job applications, I…


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