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Trey Huffine

Founder of gitconnected.com - Passionate for open source software and teaching people how to code. Learn to code => gitconnected.com/learn

Dan Ward

Editor at https://levelup.gitconnected.com. Dev at marathonus.com. Author of the React Native Cookbook, 2nd Edition, Packt Publishing.

Rob Hibbard

Co-founder of BlockAce.io | Blockchain enthusiast | Business & technology professional | World traveler

Latest Posts

Type-Level Finite-State Machines

In this article you get an intuition about type-first approach when designing an implementation of a Finite-State Machine in TypeScript.

Getting Started with Image Optimisation

Recently I gave a Getting Started with Image Optimisation talk at Perth’s Junior Developer meetup. Check Junior Dev out if you are in the…

Enable CORS using Fiddler — Make API calls to a remote server via localhost

An easier way to point localhost to testing or production environments.

How to Build A Spotify Player with React in 15 Minutes

A Gentle Introduction to the Spotify Developer API

How You Can Pick Up New Languages Quickly

My secret to being able to meaningfully contribute in no time

How create-react-app fakes environment variables

How your build environment variables end up accessible on the client.

How to convert withRouter to a React Hook

One of the greatest benefits of React Hooks in the new v16.7 is the removal of the reliance on higher-order components. While in the…

How to build a real-time dashboard with free JS libraries: a step-by-step guide

When you use static reports to make up a baseline for your data analysis you should always keep in mind that they show only the static…

Coroutines and Tasks in Julia and Python

This is a topic I touched upon when talking about generators and iterators in Julia and Python. Here we’ll get more into the fundamentals…

Make any Static Site Dynamic with Zapier

Without any doubts, there was a huge adoption for Static Site Generator since these past 2 years, and one of the main reason was the huge…


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