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Dr. Jonathan Foley

Climate & environmental scientist, working on solutions. Also: Executive Director, Project Drawdown. Personal views.

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The World Needs Better Climate Pledges

Governments and businesses are looking to lead on climate change, but too many of their commitments are built on flawed “Net Zero”…

Solar Geoengineering: Ineffective, Risky, and Unnecessary

Some people are proposing to counteract climate change by artificially dimming the Sun. But it’s ineffective. It’s risky. And it’s…

7 Reasons Why Artificial Carbon Removal is Overhyped

Artificial carbon removal is largely a sideshow when it comes to climate change.

Food, Farming, and the Fate of Planet Earth

Agriculture is changing this planet more than anything else we do, even burning fossil fuels. A sustainable future depends on recognizing…

Occam’s Razor for the Planet

The simplest environmental solutions are often the best. They’re proven. They’re available now. And they can help us avert disaster. So…

We Need 4 Waves of Climate Action

Every climate solution works differently, unfolding at different speeds. We’ll need them all, traveling in parallel waves.

To Stop Climate Change, Time is as Important as Tech

Despite what many think, climate change is as much a problem of time as technology. We already have tools to get started. What we don’t…

Carbon Offsets Should Make You Nervous

Greenhouse gas “offsets” — where you pay others to reduce their pollution today, or bet on schemes to remove yours tomorrow — are all the…

We Need to See the Whole Board to Stop Climate Change

Addressing climate change is like playing chess. We need to use all the pieces, employ multiple strategies, and always see the whole board.

Hiding in Plain Sight

I’ve been dealing with clinical depression my entire life. It’s often been a miserable experience, and it’s taken years to learn how to…


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