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Sidu Ponnappa

SVP Engineering, Gojek. https://twitter.com/ponnappa

Ajey Gore

Group CTO at GoJek.

Aakash Dharmadhikari

product@ GO-JEK Indonesia

Adithya Venkatesan

Marketing @gojektech. Twitter: @adadithya. Travel fanatic. Wildlife lover. Voracious reader. Cenosillicaphobic. Logophile. Past: @reuters @ACJIndia

Niranjan Paranjape

Hacker, CTO & Board Member GO-JEK Indonesia, S+SE Asia's fastest growing startup. Formerly: Founder and CTO, @C42Engineering. Organizer: @RubyConfIndia.

Mehakdeep Singh


Praveen Shukla

Product Engineer @ Go-Jek

Sooraj Rajmohan

Content @gojektech | Storyteller. Compulsive note writer. Tea addict | Twitter: @soorajrajmohan

Amritha Sreekumar

Marketing design at Gojek

Latest Posts

The Journey to Our New Authentication System

How we migrated users from our legacy user authentication service to Gojek’s state of the art system-GoID

Feast: Bridging ML Models and Data

A breakdown of the open-source machine learning feature store developed by Gojek with Google Cloud.

Drafting a JVM With Rust

How to implement a stack-based virtual machine.

What’s the Deal with Web Apps?

The popularity of web apps is on the rise, and Gojek provides the perfect platform for developers to showcase their vision.

Speed Up Your Workflow With IntelliJ

Tips and tricks to maximise the features provided in IntelliJ and become a productivity ninja

The Story of Our Big Android App Rewrite

The steps we took to overcome inefficient architecture and sub-par design to give our driver SuperApp a much-needed overhaul.

A TOAST from PostgreSQL

How Postgres handles data storage of oversized attributes.

OK Google, Meet Gojek

We added Gojek’s ride hailing and food ordering functions to Google Assistant. Here’s what we learned in the process.

Screenshot Testing our Design System on Android

An overview of how we do screenshot tests, and the open source libraries that helped us along the way.

How We Supercharged Chat

The nuts and bolts of the framework that allows other Gojek products to leverage our chat platform via extensions.


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