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Adithya Venkatesan

Marketing @gojektech. Twitter: @adadithya. Travel fanatic. Wildlife lover. Voracious reader. Cenosillicaphobic. Logophile. Past: @reuters @ACJIndia

Soujanya Bhat

Creative Copywriter — Gojek Tech

Amritha Sreekumar

Marketing design at Gojek

Latest Posts

Structured logging in Rails

How we went about making Rails logs more contextual and less verbose.

Demystifying the Packet Flow in Istio — Part 1

Our learnings about Istio’s packet flow and how it manages the immense traffic.

Running CI for mobile engineers at scale

How the devX team at Gojek runs CI for the humongous load of pipelines we encounter each day.

How we used design to reduce time taken to order food

A UX case-study on how & why we redesigned GoFood’s menu navigation — Part 2

Architecting a Hobson’s Choice for our food menu

A UX case-study on how we used design to reduce drop-offs and time taken to place an order.

Nailing The GoFood Order Flow

How we introduced Merchant Accept Flow (MAF) to our GoFood users.

Our learnings from Istio’s networking APIs while running it in production

How we run Istio 1.4 in Gojek and everything that goes behind the scenes.

Handling Dead Letters in a Streaming System

How we solved the critical problem of invalid records that broke our streaming pipeline.

GoPlay raises funding to support local talent and grow Indonesia’s entertainment industry

ZWC Partners and Golden Gate Ventures lead GoPlay’s first independent funding round.

Misleading Maps and Mishaps: A Ride-hailing Story

Unreliable maps, loopholes, and evolving customer expectations: Challenges of building a ride-hailing product.


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