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Google Design is a cooperative effort led by a group of designers, writers, and developers at Google to support and further design and technology. Our Medium collection features highlights from, and original content written by designers and engineers at Google.

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Latest Posts

Designers’ Thesaurus

How to effectively describe your work

Why Full-stack Developers Make the Best UX Engineers

A meditation on the ins and outs of being a UX engineer

You Can Say That Again: The Role of Repetition in Conversation Design

Why repetition is at the heart of confirmation strategies in conversation design

7 Google Web Design Resources to Improve your UX

This list of resources will help you and your team squeeze as much value out of your web development investment as possible.

You’re Not the Boss of Me

What I’ve learned about work conflict from my toddler

Design for a Map

A modern perspective on what maps do and how they’re evolving

3 UX Takeaways from Redesigning Google Translate

UXers share lessons from launching the latest version of the Google Translate website

Design is Art After All

A meditation on the dance between design and intuition

How to Style Buttons Using Material Theming

A button is not just a button

The Google UX Design Internship: an Intern and Manager’s Perspective

Complementary perspectives on the Google UX internship application experience


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