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Google Design is a cooperative effort led by a group of designers, writers, and developers at Google to support and further design and technology. Our Medium collection features highlights from, and original content written by designers and engineers at Google.

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Latest Posts

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A button is not just a button

The Google UX Design Internship: an Intern and Manager’s Perspective

Complementary perspectives on the Google UX internship application experience

Creating UI text that translates

What to do when your perfect English-language copy needs to be translated into other languages

Expanding the Design Sprint Methodology with an Open Source Toolkit

Introducing the Design Sprint Kit — an open source repository to run better sprints

VisBug 101

Get a crash course on the basics & essentials of manipulating any webpage with VisBug, a powerful new open-source design tool for web

You Need a Shape System

How to use shape to enhance your brand, direct attention, and support interactions

Working at a Large Corporation like Google Versus Working at a Start-up

The size of a company can be a big differentiator for a job seeker to decide whether to work for the company or not.

10 UX Trends at Google

A Mobile UX Lead shares insights from partnering with over 150 web development teams

Will AI Take My Writing Job?

How machine learning can help UX writers do more—better, faster, stronger.

Write first: The craft of content-first design

Writing is a fundamental design skill. Learn how to create powerful products by examining your content and creating meaning for your users.


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