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Google Design is a cooperative effort led by a group of designers, writers, and developers at Google to support and further design and technology. Our Medium collection features highlights from, and original content written by designers and engineers at Google.

Amber Bravo


Bryn Smith

Editor @googledesign / @likeyoucare

Barbara Eldredge

Design writer

Anja Laubscher

Designer. Researcher. Writer.

Latest Posts

People, Products, and Epiphanies

How a user-first culture led to a decade of eureka moments at Google UX

Scaling the Craft of Design

An evolving perspective on Design Operations

5 Ways a Junior Designer Can Make More Impact in Their Organization

Identifying problems and effectively collaborating with others to make a bigger impact in a team

Guide to Material Motion in After Effects

A basic sticker sheet and workflow for animating user interfaces

A Shift in Perspective: Gratitude Not Guilt

Reflections on a UX Women’s Leadership retreat

Insights from a Reluctant Leader

Why our current definition of leadership doesn’t match the rallying cry for diversity, equity, and inclusion

Designers’ Thesaurus

How to effectively describe your work

Why Full-stack Developers Make the Best UX Engineers

A meditation on the ins and outs of being a UX engineer

You Can Say That Again: The Role of Repetition in Conversation Design

Why repetition is at the heart of confirmation strategies in conversation design

7 Google Web Design Resources to Improve your UX

This list of resources will help you and your team squeeze as much value out of your web development investment as possible


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