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Reto Meier

Developer Advocate @ Google, software engineer, and author of “Professional Android” series from Wrox. All opinions are my own.

Paul Kinlan

Lead for Chrome and Web Developer Relations @ Google. Progressive Web Apps. Launched Web Fundamentals with Web Starter Kit. Mobile BadAss. Mr Web Intents.

Roman Nurik

Designer @Google · Android/Web Developer

Chet Haase

Android and comedy. Not necessarily in that order.

Daniel Pham

Program Manager at Google. Loves Football (NFL), Photography, Cars, and Fitness.


Developer Advocate for Google. Improving life through science and art.

Colt McAnlis

DA @ Google; | | | |

Ian Lake

Android Framework Developer at Google and Runner

Daniel Galpin

Developer Advocate at Google, writer, editor, theatrical performer, and social dancer.

Nazmul Idris (Naz)

Google SWE, entrepreneur, leader, designer, dancer, TaiChi'er, Yogi, racer, healer, storyteller. I ❤️ leadership, authenticity, empowerment, & lifelong learning

Paul R. Saxman

Lover of books, maps, life, humanity, science, philosophy and technology.

Luli Perkins

GDS Social

Latest Posts

Catch errors earlier in development with the new Actions on Google linter

Today, we’re launching the Actions on Google linter for Node.js. The linter performs compile-time checks and alerts you when a webhook…

Digital signatures: how Sleek leverages Cloud HSM to guarantee the integrity of legal documents

Posted by Oleksandr Rudenko, Head of Technology, Sleek, Julien Frerot, VP of Platform, Sleek, Jerome Poudevigne, Startup Architect, Google…

Best practices for connecting IoT devices to the Google Assistant

After moving to New York and settling into an apartment a few months ago, I started to think of ways to incorporate automation into my new…

Using Cloud Run as a webhook for Actions on Google

Cloud Run is a new product for Google Cloud Platform that makes it easier to run your application in the cloud as a container.

Open Sourcing the Magnificent Escape Action

The source code for my game for the Google Assistant, Magnificent Escape, is now available on Github.

Authenticating smart home Actions for the Google Assistant with Auth0

When you’re building a smart home Action for the Google Assistant, one of the setup steps is to add account linking. These Actions require…

Improving Actions on Google reference documentation with the new Typedoc Neo theme

When the Actions on Google Node.js library migrated from version 1 to version 2, it was rewritten in TypeScript, a superset of the…

5 “Aha!” moments with the Google Cloud Platform

Posted by: Jerome Poudevigne, Startup Architect, Google Cloud

Firebase & Google Cloud: What’s different with Cloud Storage?

Google Cloud Storage is a massively scalable object storage system that works with both enterprise and mobile apps built Firebase.

Building a Smart Home Cloud Service with Google

Recently, my colleague Dan Myers wrote a great piece on IoT & Google Assistant, introducing the core concepts of the Smart Home Actions…


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