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Who was nominated for the Congressional Gold Medal in 2023?

GovTrack Insider staff writer Jesse Rifkin

Books Save Lives Act would require local public school libraries keep a diverse set of books

The lead House sponsor concluded a roundtable discussion about the bill by reading aloud the Langston Hughes poem “Harlem.”

Healthy MOM Act would allow Obamacare special open enrollment period for pregnant women

The Guinness World Record for longest pregnancy in the animal kingdom is held by the alpine salamander of the Swiss Alps, at up to four or…

After art vandalism protests, Consequences for Climate Vandals Act would double maximum punishment…

Jackson Pollock paintings already look like they’ve been vandalized.

Fight Book Bans Act would provide grants for schools to defend against conservative book removals

After the Rapid City, South Dakota school system removed the Dave Eggers novel The Circle, Eggers provided hundreds of free copies to the…

Republican bill would reinstate airplane pilots fired over Covid vaccine mandate refusal

Republicans say the last time a pilot was treated this unfairly was when the 1969 sketch comedy show Turn On was cancelled after its first…

No Taxpayer Dollars for Communist Chinese Covid Tests Act would ban public funds for Covid tests…

Covid tests: how a Turkish man named Muzaffer Kayasan discovered he had Covid for 14 straight months.

No Plea Deal with Terrorists Act would ban plea deals for 9/11 co-conspirator trials, to preserve…

They were responsible for almost 3,000 deaths; should the possibility of their own death at U.S. government hands be foreclosed?


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