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The Beautiful, Troubled Taiwan High Speed Rail

Taking the High Speed Rail (高鐵) from Taipei to Kaohsiung or Tainan is a modern wonder and a thrilling pleasure. Probably only the Shanghai…

The 1967 Hong Kong Riots

The 1967 Hong Kong riots could have toppled colonial Hong Kong itself. The colony had been in a precarious place. The Communist Party…

Profiling TSMC, Taiwan’s Most Valuable Company

TSMC or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is arguably Taiwan’s crown jewel. It bears the pride of the nation and is the most…

Looking Back at the Macau Handover

There has been a lot of great stuff about Hong Kong and its 1997 handover from the United Kingdom — where it had been a colony for over…

How WeChat Became WeChat

So I read this blog post by Mark Zuckerberg (he is CEO of Facebook in case you have not heard of him) and in this blog post he laid out…

How Taipei Got Its Mass Rapid Transit System

One of the great pleasures of living in Taipei is to be able to travel its mass rapid transit system — the Taipei MRT. This valuable piece…

Massacre at Qiandao Lake

The Murders That Shocked Taiwan and Cooled Cross-Strait Spirits

The Taiwanese Kuomintang’s “White Terror”

Taiwan’s 40-Year Martial Law Period


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