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Scaling AI Technology In Health Care

Notable CEO Pranay Kapadia and Greylock Partner Jerry Chen on building a health care company for the next generation.

Welcome Mike Duboe as Greylock’s Newest Investor

Mike Duboe has joined Greylock’s consumer investing team.

Blitzscaling with Satya Nadella & Reid Hoffman

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Greylock Partner and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman share lessons learned from scaling Microsoft…

Blitzscaling At Larger Organizations

(Episode 5/5) Greylock’s Reid Hoffman, Sarah Guo and Entrepreneur Chris Yeh on blitzscaling for larger companies.

Our Investment in Rockset

Finding the shortest path from data to applications

Leading An Organization Through Blitzscaling

(Episode 4/5) Greylock partner John Lilly on navigating hiring and management transitions.

The Risks And Rewards Of Being A Blitzscaling Founder And CEO

(Episode 3/5) Greylock’s Josh McFarland shares lessons learned from scaling TellApart and how the company could have scaled even faster.

The Foundation To Successful Blitzscaling

(Episode 2/5) Jerry Chen on designing innovative, scalable business models.

Our Investment in Demisto

Modern Security is Operations


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