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Blitzscaling | Competitive Strategy

This episode in our Greymatter Blitzscaling capsule series, with Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh, focuses on the topic of competitive strategy…

First Principles of Investing in FinTech

Below is a deck about the characteristics we look for in fintech companies and where we believe outlier companies will be created.

Blitzscaling From Startup to Scaleup

Greylock’s Reid Hoffman and Josh McFarland on the basic principles for successful blitzscaling.

Time for Clockwise

I never seem to have enough time. Nobody I know does, really.

The Strategy Of Blitzscaling

Greylock Partner Reid Hoffman and Blitzscaling co-author Chris Yeh on defining and developing a competitive strategy.

Safely Scaling Artificial General Intelligence

Greylock Partner Reid Hoffman and OpenAI co-founder and CEO Sam Altman on the transformative potential of AGI.

Can The Current AI Boom Scale To AGI?

Greylock’s Reid Hoffman and OpenAI Co-Founder and CTO Greg Brockman on the prospects of building beneficial AGI.

Our Investment In PayJoy

When I moved to my new home in Bangalore, India in 2005 to help launch Google’s first international product and engineering center, I was…

Speed: The Most Critical Competitive Advantage

From the 2019 SFELC Summit, Greylock’s Sarah Guo and Reid Hoffman on blitzscaling massively valuable companies.


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