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Chile, Entrepreneurs, Endeavor, and Global Lessons with Reid Hoffman and Wences Casares

Silicon Valley can frequently be too provincial in its views of entrepreneurship, strategy, and markets, and can benefit from learning…

Argentina Entrepreneurship, Endeavor, and Global Lessons with Wences Casares and Reid Hoffman

In this episode of Greymatter, Reid Hoffman, Partner at Greylock and Co-Founder of LinkedIn sits down with Wences Casares, CEO and founder…

Our Investment in Abnormal Security

By Asheem Chandna and Saam Motamedi

Welcome Jason Risch as Greylock’s Newest Investor

By: Asheem Chandna and Saam Motamedi

Our Investment in Ribbon

In 2005, armed with a downpayment and consistent paycheck thanks to my employment at Google, I bought my first apartment with a financing…

Our Investment In Instabase

October 21, 2019

Our Investment in Utmost

Every company today is an evolving network of work and talent that goes far beyond their own employees — they have an extended workforce…


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