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Using functional programming in Java with a Producer-Consumer.

In complex networked applications like ones at Grubhub, one must program the application to do many operations at once. One of the…

SOA: traffic routing and control

SOA Traffic control capabilities that should be considered status quo for a mature service platform.

Optimizing for the mobile web: Moving from Angular to Preact

Browser JavaScript-land was not a place I thought I’d be fighting a battle of speed. Years ago, computers and internet speeds were getting…

Guaranteeing critical microservice actions at Grubhub

At Grubhub, we want you to get your food. We don’t care if a powerline falls on an AWS datacenter, a construction worker accidentally…

Why We Use Crypto When Generating Coupon Codes At Scale

There’s usually no need to get fancy when implementing discount codes, but Grubhub’s scale has pushed us to go beyond random strings.

Using redux-loop to make tacos at Grubhub

At Grubhub, catering to restaurants is as important to us as catering to diners. Restaurants have to be able to set their menus, choose…

The Angular Conversion Part 4: What we couldn’t Automate

(This is the fourth and final part of our series on our conversion from AngularJS to Angular. Part one discussed our history with…

Disabling Safari AutoFill for a single line address input

Filling out a form on mobile is tedious — as the user jumps from input to input, the previous information entered becomes out of view and…

Lombok makes Java cool again

Here at Grubhub, we use Java for most of our backend programming. Java is a battle-tested language that has proven its speed and…


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