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What Does a Lack of Access to Good Food Mean for the Health of the American Family?

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Mucus can subdue microbes, says new study

Glycans, found in mucus, can subdue microbes by regulating how they behave and communicate. This could lead to new therapeutics.

How QA can strengthen healthcare technology

Health technology promises to make patients’ and employees’ lives easier and safer. Discover more about the role of QA and software…

Ready to go: FDA approvals in 2018 for diabetes and neurological disorders

FDA regulation serves as a constraining factor for some of the breakthrough technologies because no healthcare organization in the U.S…

Know More About Fat Removal Options and Their Advancement in Safety

A slim and fit body is desired by everybody out there, irrespective of age and gender. We all want to fit into clothes of attractive sizes…

A Look at the Future of the Hemp Industry

Move over, THC, there’s a new three-lettered term hitting the shelves and it goes C-B-D. Like its popular cousin, CBD is a chemical that…

Drug-resistant malaria parasites spreading across Southeast Asia

Drug-resistant strains of malaria parasites are spreading across Southeast Asia raising concerns of a potential global health emergency.


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