Created by Grammy-Nominated musician, Jake Luhrs, we help people brave their wounds, find purpose, and discover healing in the fight for mental health—https://heartsupport.com

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Benjamin Sledge

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic: https://blog.heartsupport.com

Nate Hilpert

Helping others to live a freer, fuller life. Project Manager for http://heartsupport.com.

Jake Luhrs

Christian | Singer of August Burns Red | Founder of Heart Support | Committed to a community I feel is worthy of being heard — http://heartsupport.com

Meagan Heber

Nonprofiteer by day, writer of words by night. Fierce love for mornings, running slow, and the mess in the margins. Heartsupport.com

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Measuring up could eat you alive, unless you harness it for something greater.

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Because of poor life choices, I spiraled deep into self-hate. But the lessons I learned broke me free from it’s clutches

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In a world that’s full of change and new chapters, how do we deal with the loss and evolution of friend groups?

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In a society that values feelings as supreme, emotional balance is a necessity more than ever.

How Your Bad Reputation Can Actually Help Others

Maybe you’ve been labeled a slut, dork, fraud, or loser. Your reputation might just be your greatest strength.

Be Careful Around These 3 Types Of “Friends”

Do they disappear or kick you when you’re down? Might be time to re-evaluate your relationship.

How To Cultivate Compassion In A Cutthroat World

It’s easy to be outraged anymore at the tiniest slight. How can we correct that?

Being Single Isn’t The Same As Being Forever Alone

What happens when you think something is wrong with you because you can’t get a date?

4 Lessons Learned From Dating That Strengthened My Marriage

Bad relationships can give you wisdom instead of souring you on dating if you’re willing to learn

Four Ways to Overcome Relationship Imposter Syndrome

Whether first date or standing at the altar, sometimes fear makes you feel like a fraud.


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