Created by Grammy-Nominated musician, Jake Luhrs, we help people brave their wounds, find purpose, and discover healing in the fight for mental health—https://heartsupport.com

Benjamin Sledge

Storyteller | Combat wounded veteran | Metalhead | Designer | Bleeding on a page just makes it more authentic: https://blog.heartsupport.com

Nate Hilpert

Helping others to live a freer, fuller life. Project Manager for http://heartsupport.com.

Jake Luhrs

Christian | Singer of August Burns Red | Founder of Heart Support | Committed to a community I feel is worthy of being heard — http://heartsupport.com

Meagan Heber

Nonprofiteer by day, writer of words by night. Fierce love for mornings, running slow, and the mess in the margins. Heartsupport.com

Latest Posts

Four Ways to Overcome Relationship Imposter Syndrome

Whether first date or standing at the altar, sometimes fear makes you feel like a fraud.

In Search Of The Perfect Body

How — as a man — I ended up putting my worth into the way I looked and got crushed

How To Actively Care For Yourself (And Stop Making Excuses)

Many people speak the language of self-care and mental health, they just don’t follow through.

The Lesson Marvel Studios Taught Me About Mental Health

In an increasingly negative world, superheroes are teaching me a healthier perspective on life

Work-Life Balance is Impossible

There’s no such thing as a perfect work-life balance because it doesn’t exist.

Life After A Recent Relapse

When I began slipping, instead of finding help, I hid.

Why It’s So Hard To Make Friends (And What To Do About It)

In a society of lonely people, finding authentic friends can seem like a chore.

You Can Choose Courage Or Comfort, But Not Both

We tell children to persevere and face adversity, but as adults we run from it.

I’m Afraid Best Friends Aren’t Forever

When life threatens change, how do you hold on to the people who matter?

We’re Afraid To Live Because We’re Anxious About Death

Talk of our impending doom appears fatalistic, but what if avoiding it makes us more anxious?


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