Hi, My Name Is Joan

Tech / startup influencer. Director of Comms @ Flare, Mentor @ Microsoft for Startups, Transgender woman and Glitch fiend 🍕💅 she/her pronouns my loves!


Latest Posts

Guy Kawasaki’s best advice : Who the F are you guys?

It’s May 2013, and I’m in San Francisco with Dougal Edwards, my co-founder.

Instead of Passion

Four alternative ways to think about the burning question of “What’s your passion?”

How to write a book while you’re in college

Writing a book is no easy feat, but it’s more accessible than you think

Sell Your Skeletons For a Small Fortune

Create for you, in a way you find therapeutic. One that others may find value or strength in but undoubtedly provides both to you.

Why I Arrived to the Creatomic Party!

When I graduated college in 1999, I told my family and friends that the hard part was over, and it was going to be smooth sailing from here…

Why Medium Needs A Recommend Ratio

And a follower stats page…

The Four Agreements: Make Each Work Day Fun & Exciting

Do you want to start really living and experiencing “real” personal freedom? Not just talk about it, but actually DO it! First thing you…

How to protect your savings. Start investing now!

Due to inflation, the value of your money is decreasing every year. To determine inflation we use the Consumer Price Index (CPI). For…

How to Get the Freelance Work You’ve Always Wanted

Last month, I was approached by 17 prospective freelance clients. No pitching. No applying. Nada. But how did I get there? And is it…

The Uncompromising Power of Daily Habits

With resolutions on the mind, the common narrative I’m seeing online right now is to dream a little smaller. Aim a little lower and make…


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