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Iva Ursano

Motivational blogger|Expat|badass|Website: www.amazingmemovement.com | Podcast: https://anchor.fm/noholdsbarred

Cheney Meaghan

Writer mom. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m doing it anyway. https://cheneymeaghan.blog

Latest Posts

Love Each Day

I spent the earlier part of my day watching horror movies with my dad — The Descent, parts one and two.

Be Careful What You Ask For

. . . You just may get it!

Where do I Belong?

Searching For a Tribe to Call My Own

I Me Mine

Why do we move from behind the camera to the selfie? The eyes are tunnels that connect worlds. We seek to spy, through others eyes.

How I Start My Mornings

Changing my morning routine has done wonders for my mental health…

Kids Will Make Mistakes — Teach Them to Own It

Let’s Teach Our Kids to Be Accountable

Guess How I Spent Valentine’s Day

. . . You’ll never guess!

I’m Still Living With My Parents

And that’s totally okay.

Deprogramming Social Expectations

Is it possible to unjudge a lifetime of false visions?


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