Hopes and Dreams for Our Future

We believe in dreaming big and smashing our goals.

Cheney Meaghan

Writer mom. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m doing it anyway. Sign up for my Newsletter: http://bit.ly/2Wtvy7z

Latest Posts

Slow Down and Look for Your Horn of Plenty

What you want might be right under your nose

Untangling Love

This story is about love. It comes out of my realizing how I am changing.

You Can’t Squeeze The Marrow Out Of Life If You Are Not An Eternal Optimist

Be like a bulldog, grabbing hold and not letting go of your optimism.

How Blogging on Medium Has Changed My Life so Far

Blogging on Medium Has Changed My Life in Many Ways Already

2,000 Reasons to Keep Writing on Medium

Last year, it was my goal to reach 1,000 followers on Medium by the New Year, and I did it. Once I had reached that milestone after…

You Are More Powerful Than you Think

Don’t give that power away. It belongs to you.

I Am Greater Than I Was

Who are you before now? (was) past and Who are you now? (am) present

How Determination and a Lack of Knowledge Helped Me Achieve My Goal

The Medium publication Hopes and Dreams for Our Future recently announced a change in their focus to only publish stories related to hopes…


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