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Vishal Karir, CFA

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Huddl — world’s first social financial marketplace. Former portfolio manager at BlackRock, engineer at Morgan Stanley.

stephen corliss

Stephen is a Global Financial System & Capital Markets Expert, Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Founder and Visionary, Innovation and Social Policy Advisor.

Latest Posts

Bitcoin Halving: Economic & Behavioral Impact

A Review in Preparation for the Third Halving

Gold. Bitcoin. Bomb. Innovations In Scarcity.

Three generations of scarce assets

Financial Services Are Highly Exclusive — But They Shouldn’t Be

There’s a lot of risk involved in global capital markets. As such, over the years, well-intentioned bureaucrats have established laws and…

The Value of Social Networks

Does your community give back to you? We’re not talking about your neighbors or the town council — we’re talking about a community that…


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