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Latest Posts

He Survived, But I Still Grieve

Ever since the accident, I mourn life before fear

How the Language I Speak Changes My Personality

When I switch between languages, my values and demeanor shift too

My Boyfriend’s Amazon Addiction Keeps Me Up At Night

How I forgave my boyfriend’s secret, annoying hobby

The Art of Being There

How to support a grieving friend when you aren’t sure what to say

Being Gay in Abu Dhabi

Breaking sharia law was a lot of fun — and a little scary too

I Quit Smoking. Then My Body and I Started Talking.

I wasn’t able to properly listen until I was nicotine-free

I Will Carry You With Me

Because I don’t have a choice

That Time I Confronted My Mortality in Whole Foods

Sometimes, grief sneaks up on you at inconvenient moments

I Do Drugs

It’s time to revise our puritanical, all-or-nothing approach to substances

A Goddess to Promote Health and Longevity

Overcome destructive patterns with the help of White Tara


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