Kyle Hanslovan

Ethical Hacker. Malware Connoisseur. CEO at @HuntressLabs.

Huntress Labs

Partnering with MSPs to detect threats that slip past your existing security investments.

Chris Bisnett

Cofounder @huntresslabs, security researcher, @Blackhatevents trainer, former member of Pwning Yeti

Monika Gupta

Exploring the world, one day at a time. Director, Marketing @ HuntressLabs

Brandon Garcin

Head of Brand and Content at Huntress

Latest Posts

Our Blog Has Moved!

We wish we could say we’re shutting this blog down because hackers have finally given up.

Why Microsoft Defender Antivirus Is Worth Another Look

Even in 2021, the epic antivirus battles continue! And among one of the leading contenders is (yes I’m saying it): Microsoft Defender…

Redefining Beta

What if technology never changed? On the plus side, there wouldn’t be constant updates to contend with, no new blogs to read about the…

Top Hacker Tradecraft That Caught Our Eye in 2020

As the year-that-must-not-be-named comes to a close, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of the more interesting — and innovative —…

Rapid Response: TrickBoot

The TrickBot malware family has sustained its status as a worthy adversary in the world of cybersecurity since 2016. Even after a recent…

I Have a Lot to be Thankful for in 2020

Thanksgiving 2015: I was a punk with hacking skills but hardly knew SMB security (let alone MSPs). The MSP community had SMB skills but…

Huntress Service: Partner Enablement

Let’s face it — even the best cybersecurity tools won’t configure and sell themselves.

Cybersecurity Lessons We Learned from hack_it 2020

Creating accessible (and actionable) cybersecurity education is a huge part of our mission at Huntress — and last week, we were thrilled…

Phishing, Office 365 and Cybercrime

One of the most common targets of phishing and Business Email Compromise are Microsoft 365 / Office 365 credentials. Although most…

Huntress Service: External Recon

Imagine if the Empire knew that there was a flaw in the Death Star’s thermal exhaust port. How would this change the events of the SW…


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