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Martino Pietropoli

Architect, photographer, illustrator, writer. L’Indice Totale, The Fluxus and I Love Podcasts, co-founder @ RunLovers | -> http://www.martinopietropoli.com

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Building a blockbuster

This podcast by Epicleff Media is about the birth of some of the most successful movies of all times. And also about the name they…

Bending reality

How far a reality show can modify the perception of reality? Is it fair to use it to make a dent on society? Invisibilia talks about an…

Scritto a voce

Storielibere.fm è una nuova piattaforma con splendidi podcast, scritti e narrati in maniera perfetta


An interesting idea, a disappointing development: Sandra doesn’t live up to the expectations.

Tale of Three Towns

Providence, Rhode Island is a city made of 3 cities into one. Evil and good mix up there and it’s hard to understand where are their…

James Dyson: just do it

He’s a hell of an inventor and he’s a sir too. On How I Built This

The invention of marriage

They say that getting married and starting a family is something based on love. It has never always been like this and it will be never…

Up and Vanished

A mysterious disappearance spawned a podcast that began over a decade later but, in the middle of the investigation, a sudden and shocking…

“The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar”: This American Life

In 1912 a four-year-old boy named Bobby Dunbar went missing. Eight months later, he was found in the hands of a wandering handyman in…

The Adventure Zone

Is this the best podcast ever made? Nope, but it’s got something, maybe inexplicable


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