ILLUMINATION is doing things right

I joined ILLUMINATION a month ago, shortly after I created a Medium account. I was following the publication's content since the very beginning, and I found it extremely appealing since day one.

Dr Mehmet Yildiz added me to the publication's ranks immediately after I submitted my request. I was ecstatic, because I knew the content I was interested in producing could be channeled through ILLUMINATION. However, what I found out soon after joining was that ILLUMINATION was doing things the right way. ILLUMINATION is not just a Medium publication, but rather a community of fellow creators with their own voices, perspectives and styles. It is a tribe full of people ready to help, educate and support each other in order to grow and become something bigger and better than just numbers. ILLUMINATION focuses on its core values and ensures everyone participates and contributes however they can, to create the best content possible.

ILLUMINATION is the publication for aspiring and talented writers, and for readers interested in diverse topics and content of great quality! Joining this publication was the best move for me as a new writer, and I hope I can contribute to its success in the long run!


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