Join ILLUMINATION: A Publication Where You Can Be Yourself

ILLUMINATION is a publication in which reciprocity is so important to its and our success. I would never have achieved so much alone. Nor would many other writers who have joined this group of enthusiastic, talented writers, givers, and sharers. We are achieving a fusion unseen by others on the Medium platform.

Dr Mehmet Yildiz (owner/founder) gives us our voices and lets us be heard (and read) by people who desire — yes success — but also an environment where we (readers and writers) support each other because ILLUMINATION is a space where encouragement, daily writing, and other activity suggestions which aim to challenge our abilities and assist our growth as writers are offered.

The good Dr recognises the excitement of writers who have previously been ignored by other publications. His motto is to publish every story submitted (provided they meet Medium publishing rules).


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