Illumination provides great content and pleasant reading experience

I will recommend this publication, to all readers and writers, if they want to enjoy a pleasant reading experience. The diversity and quality of content provides you with smart insights and actionable wisdom. Dr. Mehmet Yildiz, the owner of the publication, takes interest in all aspects of the publication and provides guidance to all the editors and writers at all times. His commitment to excellence is the driving force behind the success of this publication. The motto is to help new writers reach a high level of skill in writing and publish all stories submitted by the writers, provided they meet Medium publishing rules. On the slack channel of Illumination, writers can submit draft links and get helpful advice and feedback before publishing their work. ILLUMINATION encourages reciprocity in sharing wisdom and skills learned on medium. Synergy, cross-pollination, and serendipity are major ideals cherished by all the writers and editors as well as Dr. Mehmet Yildiz.


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