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The official Infinite Red publication for web & app design, iOS & Android development, React Native, Elixir, JavaScript, and remote work. We’re a fully distributed team building world-class apps for over 20 years for clients all around the world.

Todd Werth

CEO and founder of Infinite Red

Shawni Danner

Project Coordinator at Infinite Red, writer, painter, traveler, crafter among other things

Jamon Holmgren

Co-founder & CTO @infinite_red. Lutheran, husband, dad to 4, weightlifting. Talking shop.

Justin Huskey

I help clients turn their ideas into real startups as Head of Design at Infinite Red.

Jenna Fucci

Designer at Infinite Red

Robin Cangie

Marketing coach for solopreneurs and freelancers (especially the ones who hate marketing). Get a new marketing tip every Wednesday at

Gant Laborde

Software Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Published Author, Award Winning Speaker, Mentor, Organizer and Immature Nerd :D — Lately full of React Native Tech

Missy Warren

Sales Coordinator at Infinite Red

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