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George Krasadakis

Product Architect; writing on Innovation, Startups and Product Development; Views, ideas and opinions are my own.

Latest Posts

A guide to Rapid Prototyping

The ultimate goal of software prototyping, is to build a realistic instance of a product, fast and inexpensively.

Startups and the Importance of Agile Product Development

Product development is of critical importance for technology startups: given the limited budget typically available to early-stage…

Kernels, Clicks and Boosted Trees: Highlights from the 1st Google Analytics Kaggle Competition

My takeaways from taking part in the popular Google Analytics Kaggle competition which ended last week.

How to build Software Prototypes in rapid mode

Best practices and guidance on how to rapidly build software prototypes and test your ideas to real users

Choosing between R and Python: A Digital Analyst’s Guide

“R or Python? What should a digital analyst choose ?

A smarter ‘smart building’

A connected, smart building which is aware of its state and current business context.

How to drive innovation in software teams

To empower innovation and transform how teams work, you need the right mix of culture, technology, processes and inspiration.

Are you ready to spot the next high-potential Idea? It might be in front of you.

The ‘next big thing’ for your business, might be there already, in some form, within your organization: waiting for your to take action.

How to become a great Product Leader

What are the key qualities of a great Product Leader? What makes a great Product Manager?

Content Discovery tools for Commercial publishers

Identifying content in a CMS relevant to content of a published electronic document


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