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Carl Meyer

I work on Python at Instagram.

Yoav Shapira

Serial entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. Built and ran product, engineering @CarGurus, @HubSpot, @Happier, @Jana. Now working on Well-being @Instagram.

Kiro Risk

Author of, Engineering @ Instagram, pushing the boundaries of all things tech.

Farhan Ahmed

Engineering @ Instagram

Ryan Peterman

Software Engineer @ Instagram,

Angelica Escareno

TPM at Instagram working on ML Infrastructure

Latest Posts

Instagram Data Saver Mode

We recently shipped Data Saver Mode, a new feature on Instagram for Android that helps the app consume less mobile data. In this post…

Powered by AI: Instagram’s Explore recommender system

This post was originally published on Facebook AI blog:

10 Questions with Shupin Mao, Well-being tech lead

Shupin Mao is a senior software engineer at Facebook. During her last four years at the company, Shupin helped several teams and gained…

Making faster: Code size and execution optimizations (Part 4)

Covers approaches to how we improved performance by reducing JavaScript size & making that Javascript execute more efficiently.

Python at Scale: Strict Modules

Welcome to the third post in our series on Python at scale at Instagram! As we mentioned in the first post in the series, Instagram Server…

Making faster: Part 3 — cache first

In recent years has seen a lot of changes — we’ve launched stories, filters, creation tools, notifications, and direct…

Implementing Dark Mode in iOS 13

How we implemented dark mode at Instagram

Interview with Tamar Shapiro, Instagram’s Head of Analytics

Tamar is the Head of Analytics at Instagram. She supports a team of data scientists and data engineers responsible for analytics, data…

Types for Python HTTP APIs: An Instagram Story

And we’re back! As we mentioned in the first part of our blog post series, Instagram Server is a Python monolith with several million…


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