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Climate Breakdown: Preparedness versus “Prepping”

What can you do about Climate Change TODAY? (III)

Do a Climate Change Impact Assessment

What can you do about Climate Change TODAY? (II)

What Can I Do About Climate Change TODAY?

Random notes towards a simple guide (I)

Humans Have Done More Damage Than the Asteroid

You know the story: 66 million years ago, a giant asteroid intersected the orbit of planet Earth, streaked through the sky and slammed into…

Iris Extravaganza

And Peonies opening!

Shop the Pot

Garden mania is hitting us full force. Often we go to the garden centers without a list, picking up plants because they look good. As Dr…

Quatrian Folklore

A collection of folklore and traditions from Quatria, selected from pre- and post-Pantarctican diaspora.

The Beauty of Algae on the Paper

They smell bad, they are gummy and sticky, and they may even hide dangerous animals. However most of them are completely harmless and…

While I Was Away

After the crash, I continued to edit and share wildlife photos, but it was sparse for awhile, and I didn’t write.


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