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Co-founder of Iodine, former executive editor of Wired, friend of data, writer of books. Latest: The Remedy.


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Katie Mui

As a kid, was a skid and no one knew me by name, trashed my own house party cause nobody came. Marketing at @iodine.

Chris Lam

Product Designer @goodrx. Break Dancer/Bboy @TheAllianceSF. Formerly @Techstars @Clover_Health @TaskRabbit @Mozilla @Amazon

Latest Posts

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Don’t panic: There’s a nationwide shortage of atenolol

What’s going on with atenolol? In the last few weeks, pharmacists around the country have started raising alarm that this generic drug — a…

4 non-heart related reasons to take beta blockers

Beta blockers are the workhorses of cardiovascular drugs, used to treat high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and to prevent second…

Can weed really treat epilepsy?

Cannabis (more affectionately known as marijuana, pot or weed) is an extraordinary plant: For millennia, humans have used it to make rope…

Antidepressants don’t work for me. Now what?

For those suffering from chronic depression, your days and nights can be impossible to deal with. You’re not physically ill, but something…

Beers: The list to know if you’re 65 and older

As we get older, our bodies turn against us. Our blood pressure starts to rise, knees develop arthritis and arteries start to clog up. And…

Antibiotics do weird things to your gut. Here’s how to fix that.

Antibiotics are one of the wonders of modern medicine — they can purge the human body of infections that just a few decades ago would’ve…


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