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Calum McClelland

Director of Projects @Leverege. Striving to change myself and the world for the better. I value active living, life-long learning, and keeping an open mind.

Ryan Chacon

Editor-in-Chief @ IoT For All| VP @ Leverege | Tech Enthusiast | DC Sports Fan |

Hannah White

VP Design & Marketing @ Leverege and Managing Editor @ IoT For All| Coffee, design, data, repeat.

Eric Conn

Eric is a serial entrepreneur and tech guy whose current gig is the CEO/Co-founder of Leverege, an enterprise IoT platform startup.

Steven Lee

Steven is the COO/Co-founder of Leverege, an enterprise IoT platform startup.

Yitaek Hwang

Director of R&D @Leverege | Venture for America Fellow | Cameron Crazie. Learning about IoT, ML, AI and translating them for humans:

James Schaefer

Product Engineer at Leverege. Venture for America 2016 Fellow. Follow Last Week in the Future at for weekly updates in IoT, ML, and AI.

Shahrzad Darafsheh

Biology geek turned designer. Lover of the arts, design enthusiast, health nut, fitness instructor, positive vibes aficionado

Michael Wedd

I’m a Senior Editor at IoT For All. I focus on expanding the platform so that everyone can benefit from the IoT revolution.

Hannah Sloan

Project Manager @Leverege | Staff Writer @IoTForAll | 2018 @Venture4America Fellow

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