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Scott Perry

Transformation Specialist — I help people get where they need to go, enjoy a cemetery run every day, and quote Marcus Aurelius a bit more often than I should…

Dr. Robert Zeitlin

Dad, husband, Positive Psychologist, author of "Laugh More, Yell Less," co-host of "I Am The Worst Parent Ever" podcast, TEDx talk “Embrace Your Superpowers”

Alin Vlad

Leading the Online Marketing & Sales Team for Heimdal Security, Unselfish Marketing Advocate, #Bonobo driven, AltMBA Alumnus

Mindi Rosser

Social Business Strategist making brands, companies & people look good online. Lean In. Meathead. Bookworm. Feminist. Biohacker. Meditator. altMBA Alumna.

Lana Camiel

Teaching to be less stressed & more focused with the right herbs & food. Pharmacist/ herbalist/ teacher/ podcaster.

Andre Piazza ↗️

Learner: student of business, student of life. Product / Marketing leader. Podcaster @OctanagePodcast, editor @ItsYourTurnBlog, Seth Godin’s @alt_MBA alumnus.

Rafael Costa

I create relationships where people feel safe and encouraged to develop themselves.


Beehive Sport and Social Club, CoolCats & AssHats, Toilet Tag; A Maker and Designer of a Funner Future

Andra Weber

Create & Change blogger. Design entrepreneur. Baking maven. Lover of Mom jeans. altMBA alumni. Live The Creative Life.

Pubs Abayasiri

IT manager with successes and interests ranging from personal development, coding, data analytics, and learning new things.

Tina Huynh

Ruckus-maker. #TEDxWindsor #altMBA7

Michal Nowak

I write about various topics. I’m a generalist.

Aga Szóstek

“The Umami Strategy: Stand out by mixing business with experience design”,

Ozan Varol

Rocket scientist turned author and law professor. Featured on TIME, CNN, BBC, and Washington Post. Writes about contrarian thinking at

Lisa Guida

I’m interested in the collision of leadership, soft skills, kick-ass effort in creating innovative experiences. Join us.

Sam Lynd

@BaptistOnline Administrator. @Culverhouse Alumnus. @alt_MBA Coach. Opinions expressed are my own.

Ryan Jennings

Executive Director Buy New Zealand Made Campaign. 100% Kiwi Business Author.

brigitte cutshall

Book Producer and Health Advocate. Dog lover and obsessed with sunsets. She’s probably outside running.

Stacy Cassio

Transforming How Women Seek & Obtain Mentorship; CEO of the Pink Mentor Network; Giving Every Woman Access to Mentorship via Pop-Up Mentor

Jennifer Cross

Jennifer shares her energy and enthusiasm with organizations who value people as their greatest asset. Leadership Consultant. Board Certified Executive Coach.

Michael OBrien

Executive Leadership & Team Coach | Husband | Father | TEDx Speaker | Author of SHIFT | #SHIFT | #Cyclist | #pausebreathereflect |

Peter Shepherd

Pete is Founder and Director of Human Periscope: helping others see things they can‘t (get it?… but seriously) 👉🏽

Heath Evans

Marketing & Communications Manager at Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) | Director at Future Talent | Seth Godin's altMBA Coach.

Greg Thomas

I take the complex problems- software development, leadership, team growth- and make it simple. Check out my book Code Your Way Up — on Amazon

Maurice Ting

Cofounder of an innovative textile mill. Leadership coach. Business guide. I help people get out of their own way. Writer. Change mentor. (

Conor McCarthy

Host of the First 10 Podcast, coach, entrepreneur, dad. Science guy living in arts world —

Judy Sims

Coach. Trainer. Talent Accelerator. Author of The Unstuck Leader

Jean-Marie Buchilly

Jean-Marie is an engineer. And a wine lover. And a runner. And the father of a 9 years old girl. And he thinks he can change the world. And he is trying. Now.

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