Carol Willing

Research Software Engineer, Project Jupyter. Fellow, Python Software Foundation. Geek in Residence, Fab Lab San Diego. Learn. Build. Share.

Carol Willing

Research Software Engineer, Project Jupyter. Director, Python Software Foundation. Geek in Residence, Fab Lab San Diego.

Matthias Bussonnier

French. Research Facilitator at UC Merced. @ProjectJupyter Developer, Steering council member and Co-Founder. @IPythonDev maintainer. Pythonista.

M Pacer

Senior Notebook Engineer at Netflix. Previously a Postdoctoral Fellow with Project Jupyter & Cognitive Science Ph.D. at UC Berkeley.

Kyle Kelley

Senior Software Engineer at @Netflix, Developer on @nteractio and @ProjectJupyter.

Brian E. Granger

Physics and Data Science Professor, Lead Developer/Designer on Project Jupyter, Altair, IPython, PyZMQ, SymPy.

Project Jupyter

Project Jupyter exists to develop open-source software, open standards, and services for interactive and reproducible computing.

Afshin Darian


Grant Nestor

Core developer at Project Jupyter, Software consultant for Two Sigma, Plotly, and others, Creator of Hammies Shorts


Just some dude. He / Him

Ana Ruvalcaba

Director, Project Jupyter - Cal Poly @ProjectJupyter

Sylvain Corlay

@ProjectJupyter core developer, #PyData Paris Meetup organizer, co-author of #xtensor, entrepreneur, mathematician, quant, #cpp #python #JuliaLang #dataviz

Tim Head

Handling unforeseen & unsolved challenges on a daily basis, trained as a scientist. Now part of @mybinderteam. Also: Triathlon.

Peter Parente

Open source contributor (esp. @ProjectJupyter). Software engineer at Valassis Digital. Tar Heel. Husband. Father.

Paul “π” Ivanov

jupyter / ipython and matplotlib developer, currently @TechAtBloomberg. cyclist. vim addict. ^[:wq

Lorena A Barba

Engineering professor, computational scientist, jazz buff, techie, mac fan, academic writer and font geek.

Kellie Ottoboni

I’m a data scientist working at the intersection of Statistics and the Public Good.

Latest Posts

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CIR Report I

JupyterHub and Binder Contributor in Residence. The first keepalive message.

Interactive Graph Visualization in Jupyter with ipycytoscape

The Jupyter widgets ecosystem offers a broad variety of data visualization tools for exploratory analysis in the notebook. However, we…

A visual debugger for Jupyter

Most of the progress made in software projects comes from incrementalism. The ability to quickly see the outcome of an execution and…

The superheros and the magic wand

In a place far, far away, on a planet called Jupyter, magic happens every day. This land is special because it’s full of magical tools…

nbviewer has a new host: OVHcloud

nbviewer has moved from Rackspace to OVHcloud. That means moving from Docker to Kubernetes+Helm

Jupyter Community Workshops 2019 Year in Review

2019 was a busy, successful and exciting time for Jupyter Community Workshops! Led by community members, this global event series brought…

Report on the Jupyter Community Workshop on Dashboarding

This report is long overdue! From June 3rd to June 6th 2019, thirty-five developers from the Jupyter community met in Paris for a…

JupyterCon 2020 is a go!

The announcement that the Jupyter community was eagerly anticipating!

Xeus is now a Jupyter subproject

The Xeus project has been incorporated as a Jupyter subproject.


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