Kaleidoscope XCP

An artistic experiment in cryptographic digital asset management.


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Adventures in Artistic Tokenisation

A primer of early artworks in the blockchain space.

Kaleidoscope Board of Organic Certification

Recent expansion in the number of farmers harvesting CROPS has led to a significant increase in pollution. Part of this has been caused by…

The Early Evolution of Art On The Blockchain — Part 1

There’s many histories of Art on the Blockchain out there. Here I analyse the very early evolution leading almost up to mass adoption…

thEOSTIME Hack Update

If you have not been following the story, the Kaleidoscope team managed a unique hack on thEOSTIME, an element of the thEOS network.

thEOSTIME Hacked.

We have launched a successful attack on thEOS to exploit a weakness in the design. We are currently draining the thEOSTIME smartest…


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