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John Bull

Writer and historian (military & transport). Editor of London Reconnections and Lapsed Historian. I focus on ordinary people who did extraordinary things.

Latest Posts

The Thousand Quiet Tragedies of Commonweath War Graves

Pictures showing rows of graves at War Cemeteries are commonplace. Only up close do you see the thousand tiny tragedies lurking within.

The Forgotten Prime Minister

Spencer Perceval is the only British Prime Minister ever to be assassinated. He deserves to be remembered for much more than that.

Pristina: An Airport Too Far

In 1999, an incident at Pristina airport in Kosovo almost brought NATO into open conflict with Russia. This is how Michael Jackson (not…

Walter Tull: From Footballer to Soldier

One hundred years ago today pioneering black footballer and British Army officer Walter Tull died. His story deserves more than a few…

Yoko Kanno: The Greatest Composer You’ve Never Heard Of

One of the finest composers of the modern age, Yoko Kanno is a legend to fans of anime. To the rest of the world, she is practically…

Beyond the Doctor: The Remarkable Verity Lambert

Remembered mostly for the role she played in bringing Doctor Who to the screen, Verity Lambert’s legacy runs far deeper. She defined a…

Deeds Not Words: The Women of Endell Street

One hundred years ago today, a black flag emblazoned with the words “Votes For Women” was raised in the courtyard of Endell Street Military…

Breaking the Zimmermann Telegram

Just over one hundred years ago, the British carried out one of the most audacious acts in the history of codebreaking. So audacious, in…

Five Minutes to Save a Nation

The split-second decision that helped win at Gettysburg

Nothing Is Forgotten: Robin of Sherwood

A history of one of the UK’s finest drama series.


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