Leading Through Connection

Redefining what compassion looks like for leaders.

Uvinie Lubecki

Founder and CEO, Leading Through Connection

Latest Posts

Do Compassionate Leaders Have To Present As Compassionate?

One of the most common misunderstandings about compassionate leadership is that it looks like “being nice or soft” or “loving everyone.”…

4 steps to get started as a more compassionate leader

When we interviewed leaders and asked if they believe compassion is important in leadership, we were surprised to hear a resounding yes…

Why Leaders Should Be Thinking About Compassion, Not Empathy

There is a significant difference between empathy and compassion, and it’s largely misunderstood.

Connection is a Practice: Our Approach to Training Leaders to Connect

We study the practice of connection and train leaders to deepen their capacity to connect with others. By connection, we don’t mean putting…


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