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iPadOS multitasking at WWDC 2022

Many predicting WWDC 2022 will see advances in multitasking. Is this “finally” or better, another example of Apple’s enduring patience?

RISC v CISC: An Age Old Debate

The RISC v. CISC debate has raged since the 1980s. A bit of a tour of this debate and some of the early “confrontation” as well as a…

5 Ws and H of the Product Cycle

There’s something that we build during a product cycle that is even more important than any single release, and that is the team.

Macintosh PowerBook and Laptop Innovation

This twitter thread looks at the innovation story of the Apple PowerBook and how it redefined portable computing in the 1990s. By @stevesi

Apple’s Long Journey to the M1 Pro Chip

This twitter thread explores the journey from the original Mac to today’s M1 Pro-based MacBook and the history behind such a mind-blowing…

Michael Dell’s Book “Play Nice But Win”

Some thoughts on this wonderful new memoir by Michael Dell

Checkbox Features and the Competition

A story from “Hardcore Software” about how Excel used to have a feature to create slides using rows in a spreadsheet.

Fancy Wizard and Red Squiggles

On the origins of red squiggles in spell checking and the technology behind the Office paperclip, from Hardcore Software.

Creating the Future of Work

From Trauma to Opportunity

Disruption at Work: It’s More than just WFH

Debates over work from home vs hybrid vs HQ are becoming increasingly polarized (duh). It seems either one gets it, or not, with little…


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