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Apple’s Relentless Strategy, Execution, and Point of View

Apple’s announcement of “Apple Silicon” is important for many reasons. Delivering on such an undertaking is the result of remarkable…

The App Store Debate: A Story of Ecosystems

Debate/discussion/rants about app stores (or perhaps The App Store) have rapidly polarized to the point where it seems difficult to have a…

What Is Your ‘High-Order Bit’?

Over time everyone develops a “high order bit” for how they view any new development. In software/biz it might be specific tech principles…

Apple Macintosh and ARM Processors

For a while we’ve been hearing rumors of Mac moving to ARM, or something like that. What could this mean? What are the issues such a move…

Putting Masks In the Context of Evolution of Personal Healthcare

The uproar in some places about wearing a mask mirrors the uproar over many previous societal changes in the norms of how we protect…

iPad Pro Gets a Trackpad!

Apple announced a new iPad Pro along with the new Magic Keyboard that adds, drumroll please, a trackpad. Is this Apple’s capitulation? Is…

Crisis Leadership

Leading in a crisis is something that is easier said than done, fortunately most don’t have to actually lead through a crisis. Some…

The 10th Anniversary of the iPad: A Perspective from the Windows Team

While the press and friends of Apple gathered for the launch event, the Windows team fresh off Windows 7 launch watched from afar.

#CES2020: Primordial Soup of Innovation

CES continues to be an event where you can see the raw materials of the next big thing far more often than you can see the next big thing.

Windows: Facing the new decade (2010)

As we rang in the new year, 2010 a decade ago, what did the Windows business look like as we planned Windows 8? An annotated twitter…


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