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Exploring life, tech & everything in between 🙌

Shai Wininger

Tech entrepreneur. Co-Founder of Lemonade (NYSE:$LMND) and Fiverr (NYSE:$FVRR)


Lemonade publishes the art blog #FF0083. We also happen to offer top-rated renters, homeowners, and pet health insurance.

Gal Shir

Designer & Art Director | www.galshir.com

Yael Wissner-Levy

head of content & strategic comms at @lemonade_inc. former speechwriter. former journalist. 🙋🏻

Latest Posts

Why Every Company Should Ask Every Employee To Get Vaccinated

With The Pandemic Now Killing At A Rate Of 1 Million Every 90 Days, Vaccine Hesitancy Must Be Overcome.

The Ordinary Magic of Resilience

While resilience seems like an extraordinary feat, it’s a human trait inhabited by all, but only used by some.

The Sixth Sense

Lemonade’s 2019 Product In Review: Blond wigs, weird bots, and ad fails

Fast Fashion is Destroying Our Planet

How to stay chic, without ruining the environment

The Case for Renewable Energy

Plus: 5 Ways to Go Green

The Anti Millennials

Why Generation Z Women Love Lemonade Most

Signals from Space

A Lemonade Transparency Chronicle summing up 2018: Stats, successes, and epic fails

Why Our Brain Values Halloween, Even If It’s Expensive

How Halloween tricks our brain into treating ourselves a little too much

Why Lemonade Won’t Invest In Coal

Insurance companies shouldn’t fund the very harms they’re meant to protect against

Millennials Buying Homes? Debunking the Myths

We've rounded up stereotypes about millennial home buying trends to set things straight


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